Vacationing in Style

Do you really want to walk around Times Square in your sweatpants and Fightin’ Irish tee-shirt? Seriously, ladies. The best vacation is when nobody knows you’re a tourist. And what’s better, vacation can be an opportunity to be experimental and try out some new fashions! Chances are, you’ll never see those people again, so be a little daring. Bring along that outfit you thought was so gorgeous when you saw it in the boutique, but you were a little afraid to wear it around your hometown.

Kara Allen, personal stylist and fashion expert for ExperChat, a mobile app to find and connect with experienced fashion and beauty experts, offered up some of her best advice for taking away packing anxiety.  

  1. A week before you leave, check what the weather will be. That will determine what to pack more than anything. Kara says she tends to wait until the night before.
  2. Decide on a color palette. Kara says, “That way, you only have to take one or two pair of shoes and you don’t have to load up your suitcase. If you choose a black, white and red palette, then you only need a pair of black shoes, a nude shoe, and maybe one dress shoe.
  3. Kara says that dresses are a perfect choice for travel, because you can fold them, and if the weather changes, you can always throw on a pair of tights with a jacket, and you’re good to go. “I would always advise to take at least one pair of pants or jeans and maybe throw in a sweater, because you just never know if the weather could turn cooler, or you could be in some place that has frigid air conditioning.”
  4. Avoid unexpected surprises, and try on everything that you plan on taking, so you know it fits and looks how you want it to look. This saves you from dragging around extra things you won’t end up wearing!
  5. How do you choose the right outfits? Kara says, “If you’re going for a five day vacation, pack two outfits per day, so ten outfits. But leave room for clothes you may buy once you’re there, and then you can choose some things that are native to the location or culture.”
  6. Finally, if you know your itinerary ahead of time (i.e., an evening out), take at least two dressy outfits that you would have already tried on, and know you feel comfortable wearing.


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